Jewellery Tips and Precautions

Usually a client has their logo already established and they just require it produced in precious metal. Some things we keep in mind and try to adjust to make a better product are:

• Avoid large raised solid areas. These areas create porosity, which is the formation of small pinholes on the surface of the solid area. They go deep into the pin and usually cannot be polished off without the risk of ruining the design. Try the option of recessing the large area so that this problem does not occur.

• Avoid large pins. Anything over 1" in size runs the same risk of porosity because of the large mass of metal trying to cool quickly. Our maximum size is a 1 .5" circular radius. Any design that extends past that cannot be flattened properly in the machinery. Also, large pins increase the price significantly.

• Prices in the catalogue are approximate. We always weigh the finished item and price it according to actual finished weight. The larger the raised area the more it will weigh, and the more it will cost.

• All jewellery is packaged in a suedine gift box and is included in the price of the jewellery item. Gift-wrapping is available at an extra charge.

• Engraving is available at an extra charge for any jewellery engraving (providing area has been left solid for the Engraveable information).

• Plastic ring sizers and wax models are available. You can also download our ring sizer HERE. Please follow the instuctions on the page to use

• Resizing of rings will be charged $15.00 per size increase or decrease. If the resizing is too drastic a change, we will not be able to do it. Most rings are made to a certain range of sizes; if you extend or reduce that size too much the ring will either crack on the shoulders or warp the shape of the head. Generally anything over/under 3 sizes is not acceptable or guaranteed