Diamonds and Stones

Bead Setting - is the setting of a stone freehand in to a jewellery product. In other words, the jewellery die has no claws to guide the jeweller when setting the stone. A hole is drilled where you want the stone, then the stone is set in place.

Claw Setting - is the setting of a stone in an item that on the finished product has a starburst already incorporated into the die. As a result the claws are already in place for the jeweller to set around the stone.

Genuine Rubies, Emeralds, Saphires

1.5mm $19.92/ea (c)
2.0mm $22.91/ea (c)
2.5mm $29.88/ea (c)

Synthetic Gemstones

1.5mm $11.95/ea (c)
2.0mm $12.94/ea (c)
2.5mm $13.90/ea (c)
3.0mm $17.92/ea (c)

Genuine Diamonds

1pt (0.8mm) $33.20/ea (c)
2pt (1.5mm) $56.10/ea (c)
3pt (2.0mm) $53.66/ea (c)
4pt (2.2mm) $99.60/ea (c)
5pt (2.4mm) $119.52/ea (c)
7pt (2.6mm) $154.38/ea (c)
8pt (2.8mm) $185.92/ea (c)
9pt (2.8mm) $205.84/ea (c)
10pt (3mm) $232.40/ea (c)

Synthetic Diamonds

1.5mm $11.95/ea (c)
2.0mm $12.94/ea (c)
2.5mm $13.90/ea (c)
3.0mm $17.92/ea (c)



- Stones can be set at the time the jewellery item is ordered or at any time in the future such as milestone, or achievement

- All stone are professionally bead set by a jeweller

- Genuine Diamonds are I1 quality, GH colour unless otherwise indicated

Prices subject to change without notice.